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"I want to thank you SO much for your help with the sign package for the recently completed World Trials meet here in Indy. They worked out great and looked wonderful! Thank you!!"

- Arlene McDonald, Indiana Swimming

"Great job on the signs! They looked great! Thanks for turning so quickly!"

- Silva Fiscus – DFI – Solutions in Print

Hello Greg-

Just wanted to thank you personally for the great job the team did in the Cripe Timeline. The graphics and service was superb! Congratulations to you, Mike Ford, Chris Glidden, and those other that made it happen!

Al Oak, PE

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Cripe Architects & Engineers

GREAT JOB on the signs! Our client called and said they were the best quality. Thanks for all your hard work, staying late and helping to get the project completed. Thanks to your team as well. It's much appreciated

Steve Schneider

President | The White House Group, Inc.

Hello Gentlemen!

Golfari was a great success! Thank you so much for working with us on the signs, they looked fabulous.

Thanks so much!

Emily Rogers-Cline

Special Events Coordinator

Indianpolis Zoo

Looked great!

Phil Temple


Chris, just put on the new decal and it looks GREAT!! ....Fade is great as is the gloss finish.....Just wanted to let you know I appreciate everything you did.... Thanks again,


This looks AWESOME! Thanks Chris and GREAT WORK! I AM PUMPED! This sign is awesome!