Sign Craft Industries was given the opportunity to provide our services in a meaningful way. In the wake of tragic events across the country as we all know, it’s important to give back to the community. We sought after comfort yet a creative approach in efforts when teaming up with a wonderful Indianapolis based organization - Outside the Box. Their mission is to empower people with disabilities to be the leaders in their lives and create meaningful days. It’s an honor to work in collaboration with a great group of people on this particular project.

Outside the Box offers an extensive art enrichment program that allows students to create at any ability level. One of the student’s artwork was chosen for the year’s calender and proves to be the emphasis of the organization. This particular piece designed by the student is also to be displayed in the front lobby of the building. Sign Craft Industries will donate a custom wall piece showcasing the artwork.

In efforts to produce such a large scale graphic, our design director Stephen Mitchell wanted to focus on the small components of the artwork that make it such a wonderful piece. To emphasize on the detail he transformed the artwork into an impressionist style with having the colors represent paint brush strokes.

Design; Fabrication Design Impressionist; Design

Once the large graphic has been laid directly to the wall surface, founding donators will be displayed on a series of acrylic panels placed on the top of the graphic. These are the individuals, families and companies who have contributed to the overall organization.



Again, Sign Craft Industries is honored to be part of this signage project. We look forward in providing Outside the Box with such a meaningful wall display showcasing their company’s purpose. Please stay tuned for an exciting new year!

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