Custom Digital Signs

Print ads are quickly becoming outdated, and businesses are finding client acquisition more complicated and costly than in times past. If you’re looking for a great way to attract customers without paying a fortune, digital signs are the way to go! Just in case you don’t already know, digital signage is an electronic display platform that presents information in a high-impact manner via high-quality graphics and videos. You can provide real-time information on upcoming sales, offer important product information in an appealing way and more—giving you an edge over competition.

Benefits of Custom Digital Signs

Digital signs create a more modern image for your business while providing customers with important information—and that’s not all. There are many great reasons to consider replacing your traditional outdoor adds with this attention-grabbing signage option including:

·  Become Memorable: Did you know that digital displays attract 400% more views than static displays? Top that off with an 83% increase in recall rate, and you’re creating a memorable brand that gets your business out there and attracts new customers!

·  Boost Sales: Digital signs are proven to strongly influence purchasing decisions because they create a more engaging customer experience while improving the professional image of your business.

·  Save Money: Reduce costs related to printed marketing materials when you go with digital signs. This also reduces waste of paper products which is better for the environment and your budget.

·  Stay Relevant: Digital signs are becoming increasingly popular, so you don’t want to fall behind of the competition by sticking with old-fashioned marketing tactics, and thanks to advances in technology, digital signs are now simpler to use and more affordable than ever!

Looking for a Sign Company for Indianapolis?

New signage for your business is an important investment. Get the best custom signs in Indianapolis when you go with Sign Craft. Our experts will help you design, install, and maintain high-impact signs that captivate your audience while creating a unique brand image that stands out from your competition!