Sign Craft isn't just a signage fabrication company - our custom sign services offer simple and economical branding and design solutions. Our Business Development and Design team understand both your aesthetic and business concerns, and will create the graphics that help develop your brand name and identity. In addition to our signage-producing capabilities, our Indianapolis company has high-volume printing and manufacturing capabilities. We're based in Indy, but we have a wide service area - contact us to learn more.

Custom Sign Services

We perform:

Graphic Design: Sign Craft designs graphics for signs and other promotional materials.

Logo Creation: Our custom sign services team will help you develop a memorable company logo.

Delivery: Sign Craft can drop off your custom signage after it's been manufactured.

File Transfer: Need to send or receive large files that would be otherwise difficult to transfer? Contact our Indiana company.

Parking Lot Lighting: Our talented Business Development and Design team will design and manufacture the parking lot lights that you need to make your location easy to navigate.

Rappelling: Our certified repellers can travel throughout the state, the Midwest and the nation to perform repelling operations in high-rise locations.

Permits & Variances: Sign Craft employs a trained permit procurement department ready to work with you and your municipality.

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