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Are you looking to stand out against the crowd and draw in more local business? Your signage is key, and our Fishers custom signs company is here to help you create the ideal interior and exterior signs for your customers. Sign Craft has everything you need to attract visitors, including expert advice and permitting. We have over 12 years of business development experience, and we continue to grow as a single-stop firm for all your signage needs. Our fleet of installers and repair team not only make your purchase more convenient, they can help improve your customers’ experience every time they visit your store– a service we’re truly proud of.

Local Indianapolis Sign Company

We’re dedicated to helping you do business, which is why we offer trained designers and quality materials to create the ideal signs for your company, inside and out. We also offer installation, maintenance and everything else you need to keep your commercial signs looking bright and beautiful. Some of our unique local custom sign services include:

  • Graphic Design: Design can have a huge impact on a client’s perceptions of your business. We create seamless design work that ties together all your visual materials, from neon signs to flyers, to convey a clear message to your customers.
  • Logo Design: Your logo is one of the most important elements of the first impression you make on new buyers. We can help you make the most of it with clean, professional and beautiful custom logos.
  • File Transfer: Transfer large files worry-free with help from our experienced and well-equipped tech team.
  • Parking Lot Lighting: A great, well-lit parking lot can help drive nighttime visitors, keep customers safe, and improve the overall appearance of your locale. We can set it up to look and feel better than ever.
  • Rappelling: We’ve designed, fabricated, installed and repaired signs for high-rises throughout Indianapolis. If you find yourself seeking ‘commercial signs near me,’ for your building, we’re your best bet.
  • Permits & Variances: Regulations vary from one municipality to the next, and we make it our mission to gather all the necessary permits for your local commercial signs.

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