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Neon signs are the earliest type of illuminated lighting, having been used in displays for over one century. Though LED and similar types of lighting are now also available, custom neon signs are still popular for their bright glow and their old-time feel. Sign Craft designs, fabricates, installs and maintains neon signage crafted around the desired aesthetic and commercial intent of your company. We're based in Indianapolis and serve businesses throughout our state, and beyond.

Neon Signs by Sign Craft

Our permit procurement department will analyze municipal ordinances and codes to secure clearance for and help determine optimal placement of your outdoor business signs. Then, our Design and Business Development staff will devise custom neon signs that take your specifications into account. Our fabrication team will manufacture your neon signs in our expansive facility, and all maintenance operations will be performed by our technicians.

Need Assistance with Custom Neon Signs?

Try Sign Craft. Our company has years of experience designing and fabricating neon signs, and we're excited to go to work for you. Please fill out the FREE, no-obligation contact form located at the top of the page, or call today and ask about our neon signage services.