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Sign Craft is known for our projecting signs fabrication service. These signs - which hang outward from a building, displaying your company's name and logo - can dramatically increase your company's profile. Sign Craft, an Indianapolis sign company, have spent years designing and fabricating projecting signage for clients across Indiana, and our talented team of professionals is excited to create projecting signage that meets your company's exacting demands.

Projecting Signs by Sign Craft

Our company works to streamline the sign fabrication and installation process. Our permit procurement staff will analyze municipal ordinances and codes to secure clearance for and help determine optimal placement of your outdoor business signs, and our Business Development and Design team will create a comprehensive, to-scale model of your signage, which will then be manufactured in our Indianapolis facility.

Call Us About Projecting Signage

Sign Craft is Indiana's premier signage company, and we have the skills and know-how to create projecting signs of all types. Please fill out the FREE, no-obligation contact form located at the top of the page, or call and ask how we can meet your company's projecting signs requirements.